Reno Sculpture Festival



The Life Cube Project is coming to Reno, NV this summer for the Reno Sculpture Festival! Hosted by Reno Art Works; an organization focused on providing professional work space, galleries, and classroom space to artists of all mediums; the Reno Sculpture Festival aims to give artists the opportunity to show their passions and further their art.

The event, which takes place May 8 – 10, will be at 1995 Dickerson Rd Reno, NV 89503. For more details, please visit our Facebook event page here.

cube-v1-mural-glass-fense cube-v1-side-2-mural-glass-fense-1  cube-v1-side-3-mural-write-board cube-v1-side-4-mural-write-board  pink street-art-mural


The Cube we’re designing for Reno will have a metal frame for tying wish-stick tags and feature write-boards, plexi-glass panels etched with geometric designs, collaborative tapestry walls, and murals. Check out the video rendering on YouTube! I will also be speaking to kids at local schools, and gifting 1×1 foot canvas panels for the tapestry walls to local artists.

Can you help? We need carpenters, painters, photographers, muralists, videographers, lighting assistants, musicians and DJs. We would love to have people to teach yoga, help with distribution of canvas to artists, and bake muffins for the volunteers! We need someone to take charge of assembling the tapestry wall during the festival. And we need lots of Cube-ists to hand out wish-sticks and share the great energy and the welcoming spirit that is our hallmark and the foundation of everything we do.

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