Reno Gazette-Journal Features Life Cube at Reno Sculpture Fest

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The Reno Gazette-Journal published a beautiful story on the Reno Sculpture Fest, which took place from May 8-10, 2015, featuring the Life Cube Project.

“I think you learn about people’s lives by just reading one sentence,” Hellen said, browsing through the more than 1,000 multicolored tags that dangled on New York City-based artist Scott Cohen’s Life Cube.

Each tag hanging from the cube, which also was adorned in chalk drawings and murals, has the wish of a student or teacher from the Washoe County School District.

“I wish the Dallas Cowboys win the super bowl 3 years in a row,” one tag said.
“I wish not to be homeless,” said another.
“I could be here all night. I’d like to read every one of them,” Hellen said.

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To view more of the touching, funny, and charming wishes made by students, visit the Reno Gazette-Journal and view the slideshow.

Read the full story here: Psychedelic, playful, controversial sculptures take over Reno

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