Life Cube Featured in Reno Gazette-Journal: Artist Encourages Students to Write Down Goals


The Life Cube Project and its creator, Scott Cohen, have recently been featured in the Reno Gazette-Journal following the 7th Life Cube installation in Yerington, NV for the Mason County Boys & Girls Club.


“I have a belief in my heart that I have lived by since I was a teenager, that if you write down your goals, dreams, wishes and aspirations, the probability of them coming true is much higher,” Cohen said.

It took five years, but in 2011, Cohen brought his first Life Cube to Burning Man, and has since built installations all over the United States.Cohen visited Yerington last week as the keynote speaker for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley’s annual Youth of the year banquet, building an installation on which more than 3,000 people placed tags with their goals, hopes or wishes.

Cohen visited each of the high schools and middle schools in Yerington, Fernley, Silver Springs and Dayton, to share his story and encouraging the students to write down their dreams.

Some of the wishes placed on the Life Cube were entertaining, some heart-wrenching, but all continued to touch Cohen as they have since his first installation at Burning Man 2011.

“It’s the chance to inspire kids to think forward and think ahead to what they want to accomplish,” Cohen said. “They’re all different, but they all reflect their community.”

Following installations at Burning Man in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015; Las Vegas in 2014; and Reno in 2015; the Yerington 2016 Life Cube is the most recent but certainly not the last. We plan to bring the Life Cube Project to more cities across the United States, and eventually internationally.

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