The Life Cube Story

The Life Cube project comes to Downtown Las Vegas in February 2014, and will burn in a spectacular fire ceremony on Friday, March 21, 2014. Watch the Cube rise in the lot on Fremont and 9th Street, across from Atomic Liquors. It'll be
a walk-thru, interactive experience, with murals from local artists, write boards, dramatic lighting at night, and music performances!

The Life Cube project has two missions:

1) Encouraging people to write down what they want to accomplish in their lives; and
2) Connecting art with community, involving as many people as possible!
Each year at Burning Man, we've designed and built collaborative art in the form of a "Life Cube" — each version
bigger, more artistic and more interactive with thousands of people sharing art and depositing their goals, dreams,
wishes and aspirations into the Cube, to be released into the universe as the Cube goes up in flames.
In 2012, I wrote down a wish to create a Life Cube installation in a city around the world. And a few months from
now we will be building a giant Life Cube on an entire city block in Downtown Las Vegas!
The Cube will be covered with murals and a tapestry of paintings by local students and artists, write boards for
interactive messaging, slots for dropping in written goals and wishes, and photographs of historic Las Vegas. It will
be filled with music on the weekends, and lit up at night like a rock concert. And after a month on site, we'll burn it all
in a fiery ceremony on March 21st, 2014.